EVS Echo - Disaster Recovery

Fast data backup and recoveryEVS Corporation provides you with flexible Disaster Recovery to ensure recoveries from any type of failure in minutes. Fusing cloud backup and disaster recovery in an all-in-one package, EVS Corporation’s Echo™ is the world’s easiest cloud backup and disaster recovery solution for Windows application servers, with the added assurance of offsite replication for recovery from a total site disaster.

EVS Echo Delivers

  • Restore any size server in minutes to physical or virtual machines
  • Incremental block-level snapshots with integrated de-duplication
  • Snapshot history for point-in-time rollback
  • Remote replication with end-to-end encryption
  • Centralized administration and deployment
  • Application awareness to ensure complete database and email backups
  • Flexible disaster recovery options: bare metal restore & failover virtual machines
  • Server rewind: rolling back to any point-in-time & recovering the entire server