EVS Intelligent Backup

EVS Intelligent Backup™ is a cloud backup and recovery solution for companies of all sizes using internet or dedicated communications. Built on industry-leading software from Asigra, Intelligent Backup is a highly scalable solution, and can centrally back up servers, desktops and laptops across headquarters, branch offices, home offices, and mobile employees.

Meeting Compliance Regulations

If you’re like most companies, you need a high level of data security, integrity and recoverability to meet today’s wide-ranging legal compliance requirements. These include HIPAA, SOX, PCI, GLBA, Basel II, Safe Harbour, ARRA, Patriot Act, etc.

EVS Intelligent Backup is well-suited for small businesses as well as large enterprises because it scales to the needs of complex environments. This solution lowers your TCO while helping you meet your compliance regulations.

Backup Life Cycle Management

The value of data changes over time. Traditional tape-based solutions value all data as equal with no distinction between mission critical and older retention data. EVS Intelligent Backup™ organizes data across multiple storage platforms based upon performance needs, frequency of use, amount of protection required, and other organizational concerns.

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Agentless Backup

Our agentless, single-node installation centralizes backup administration without the costs or maintenance of agents on each target server. Instead, EVS Intelligemnt Backup reaches out over the network to back up operating systems, file systems, and applications, using industry standard programming interfaces. Agents pose a major security risk because they require an open port on the firewall.

Secure Transmission of Backup Data

Advanced security and authentication algorithms, including AES encryption, ensure the complete safety and confidentiality of your data both in-flight and at rest.

WAN Optimized / De-duplication

Local and global common file elimination across all protected sites, combined with de-duplicated incremental backups and strong compression, reduces bandwidth requirements and storage consumption.

Data Reliability

Autonomic healing runs transparently in the background, at both off-site vaults, scanning and repairing any corrupted or problematic files well before a restore would reveal the problem.

Onsite, Offsite, and Out-of-Region.

Rapid restores are available from the onsite EVS Backup Appliance for recovery at LAN network speeds. Additional full and backup generations are maintained in our fault-tolerant EVS Primary Data Center and then replicated out-of-region to our EVS Disaster Recovery Center. For large restores, EVS Corporation can deliver data directly to your recovery site on a portable storage unit.

Service and Support

Entrusting backups to EVS Corporation frees your technical staff for other duties. EVS Corporation's expert engineers monitor and review daily backup logs to ensure your data is successfully protected and ready for recovery.

EVS  Intelligent Backup optimum service includes unlimited restores without additional fees or charges. Technical support and restore assistance is available 24 x 7 x 365.

Technical Components

  • Scalable backup software license subscription – acquire capacity as you need it
  • Ultimate security and compliance – true multi-tenancy and FIPs 140-2 certified encryption
  • Most efficient operations – data compression & multi-level data deduplication capabilities
  • Total client environment protection – from smartphones and tablets to desktops and servers
  • Broad O/S and critical application support Windows Based SystemsLinux Based SystemsOS/X MAC based systems
  • Tiered licensing available for multiple different data classes:
    • Start with Mission Critical applications and data and migrate towards mobile and longer term backup archival data protection opportunities
  • Optional data vault replication capabilities
  • Protection and operational support for both virtual and physical environments
  • Non-Disruptive DR testing capabilities and data integrity functionality ensures data is recoverable at any time
  • Documented best practices for deployment and operation
  • Data destruction capabilities with certificate of destruction