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Effective Disaster Recovery Planning and Strategic Testing

Posted by Stephanie Aldrich on December 8, 2015

It is critical to test your disaster recovery plan to identify any flaws in the environment. Mere desktop exercises do not create foolproof disaster recovery (DR) plans. Rather, detailed testing is required to determine if the disaster recovery plan is working as it is expected to. A question arises: how do you test a DR plan to get accurate results? It isn’t reasonable to think a business can create disastrous situations to test the validity of a plan. So, what can you do? It is good to simulate a disaster scenario and follow the steps of the DR plan to identify and improve the elements. For instance, one scenario could be that the local data center is unavailable and impossible to recover due to storm, earthquake, fire or flood. What types of options are in the list to handle this situation? What is your recovery time objective (RTO)? Can you recover important data to maintain business continuity? To get answers of these questions, you need to execute one of the following tests.

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