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The Consequences of Not Backing Up Laptops

Posted by Stephanie Aldrich on November 5, 2015

Every day, thousands of laptops are either lost or stolen. Often, the pain of the loss isn’t about the physical hardware, but the data that is stored on it. The lost laptop might have years of research information or GBs of important data that cannot be replaced. The desperation over the lost data can even drive some to posting rewards on the Internet in hopes of retrieving the invaluable information. It is a terrible situation so, if you’ve not experienced this problem, you should be grateful because it could happen when you least expect it. To help protect yourself against the pain and agony of a lost or stolen laptop, the best solution is to backup your data and sensitive information to another device like a removable media disk drive, and/or securely stored the data somewhere else to an offsite location using cloud backup and recovery services over the Internet.

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