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Restoring Data in Same, Similar or New Hardware Environments

Posted by Stephanie Aldrich on November 10, 2015

Data RestoreIf an organization is not well prepared for a disaster, recovery procedures can become hard. When flexibilities are not included in your disaster recovery (DR) plan, even a simple process change could turn into a complicated issue.

Therefore, it makes sense to review your disaster recovery plan to determine its reliability. Ask different questions concerning your DR plan to understand its significance during natural or man-made disasters. Here are some questions that can help you in evaluating your DR plan:

  •  How do I recover data if the whole data center is ruined due to flooding, fire or bombing?
  • What do I need if I need to relocate my data center?
  • What will happen if I am unable to setup servers with the same or similar computing environment as my original damaged server?

There are several service providers that offer cloud backup and cloud computing services, who are able to answer the above mentioned questions. It is possible to restore your whole data through bare metal restore from the cloud to completely new computing environment. Moreover, it is easy for customers to re-establish their computing environment and recover data at an entirely new location. As long as your data is backed up to the cloud, all you need is for your service provider to provide the restore either over the Internet or through an overnighted hard drive (depending on connections speeds and recovering time requirements). Make sure that valuable data is backed up online on a regular basis and relevant applications are configured to select permission and access rights. 

Based on your needs, bare metal restore can be performed on a new, same or similar environment. There are service providers that offer bare metal services to restore data in the same environment, whereas other cloud backup service providers give options to restore data to similar environment. Conversely, a small number of service providers offer restores to entirely new environment. These three types of restores use different types of technology. Always remember that the backup type you perform to ensure a "bare metal" recovery in each of the three cases will be different as well.

In general, bare metal restore inspired backups use disk imaging applications. These applications keep copies of the entire contents or images of the hard disk data to external or networked storage vaults. In case, installation is required on similar or same hardware, just backed up data only is required for restoration. On the other hand, if the backed up data is used to recover the whole system, disk imaging will include operating system and the applications in it. 

Always make certain that selected backup plan has the capability to recover data according to your business requirements. In other words, successful data recovery means getting your contents in a state that you require. If you have adopted the right backup strategy, it is easy to recover sensitive data from any kind of disaster to any environment at any time.

EVS' cloud backup solution is capable of bare metal restore to same, similar or a new environment. Not sure what you need or what how you would restore your data in the event of a complete loss? Contact us to discuss your current needs and environment and find out how we can ensure that your DR Plan will be sufficient when a crisis arises.

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