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How Worried is Your Database Administrator?

Posted by Stephanie Aldrich on February 9, 2016

stress-494222_1280.pngIf your database administrator is having sleepless nights, chances are, they may not have the right backup and data security solutions. Business leadership can sometimes be lulled into a false sense of security in thinking that their employees won’t steal or provide unauthorized access to company data. However, many studies show that most data loss can be attributed to authorized system users who unintentionally opened the system to a breach. Given this fact and the challenges of keeping IT systems up-to-date, many IT Administrators live with a constant consciousness of the risks and impending blame of data loss.

Additionally, database administrators often live with the reality that there aren’t enough resources to provide the highest level of data security, which often means there are known vulnerabilities that can put the organization at risk. It is especially hard for small and medium businesses (SMBs) to budget for expensive IT infrastructure and they can sometimes compromise on requirements. This unfortunate but real situation can result in a patchwork of systems and networks where new, sophisticated equipment stays married to old obsolete equipment and can create more problems than solutions.

But there is a better solution. Cloud backup services, with scalable infrastructures and storage on demand solutions, are ideal for SMBs with over-stressed IT Admins. IT Admins can breathe a sigh of relief because investment in sophisticated infrastructure and maintenance can be avoided if management will agree to invest a lesser sum in subscribing to an online backup service. The existing networks and infrastructure can be connected up to the online backup service over the LAN / WAN and secured against unauthorized access using strong authentication configurations available via a client-side software that is supplied by the service provider.

Data can be continuously streamed to the cloud backup server, while local backups on tapes and removable disks can be continued as per the policy of the organization. But with the cloud backup, the IT Admin can be assured that the data is secured off-site should something happen to the local backups. And, if the cloud server is maintaining versions of the data, corruption of data can be remedied by using a saved, previous version. Additionally, downtime from a data loss or corruption can be reduced as authorized and authenticated employees can hook up to the online server using web browser based applications to continue working while local systems are being repaired and re-commissioned.

In short, IT Administrators can get their full sleep and devote their energies to facilitating business instead of worrying about backups and downtime!

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