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TechTarget Article Feat. Gayle Rose: Women Leaders in IT

Posted by Stephanie Aldrich on July 27, 2015


EVS Corporation founder and CEO Gayle Rose was recently featured in a TechTarget article that addressed how women are underrepresented in the fields of science, technology, engineering and math

Along with Gayle, several other women currently in executive positions within the technology field were interviewed and gave their perspective on how to increase female participation.

The following is an excerpt from the TechTarget article.

Gayle Rose, founder and CEO of EVS Corp., a data backup and disaster recovery firm geared at SMBs, has a background in business, having worked in finance, but also had "some computer technology experience in the early days of computing."

About 10 years ago, Rose was approached by a young female engineer who had the idea for a disaster recovery/business continuity/data backup business and the two founded EVS. It was a win-win since she had the business experience and the capital, and the female engineer had the technology background, Rose said.

"Anecdotally, it is very rare to see a woman in a CEO role in computing," she noted. "It's [also] very rare to find women in technical roles."

Rose sits on the MIS Advisory Board of the University of Memphis and said "there is a dearth of women" in computer science and engineering majors.

At an annual data backup software conference for value-added resellers and MSPs that she attends in Toronto, Rose said "often there are only two of us in a room of men."

Lately, she has seen more women attending the conference, but they tend to be heads of marketing and sales. In the 10 years she has been at EVS, Rose said she has had one woman engineer, who was also African American.

Rose hasn't found it difficult to secure capital as a woman but believes it is in general, "because women tend to not be as networked in the business world or they're … not connected to the sources of money that provide capital. Women in business need to be better networked."

If you'd like to read the entire TechTarget article, click here.

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