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Cloud Computing Services Improve Business Performance

Posted by Stephanie Aldrich on November 17, 2015

Cloud ComputingCloud computing improves business services by using off-site computing sources to handle various applications. Cloud service providers have the capability to provide affordable and scalable solutions for small and medium sized companies and as well as for enterprises for a nominal monthly fee. What is more interesting is the amount of time it takes for a company to move to or make changes once in the cloud -- very minimal. 

Cloud computing strongly affects IT infrastructure and offers more flexibility, agility and capability. Through cloud services, it is easy to scale up resources and lower down inefficiencies. In fact, the "pay-as-you-go" model is perfect for projects with short time durations. Cloud computing services also provide a number of important solutions, such legal compliance, accounting, and tax benefits. 

Traditional storage environments are being replaced by multi-tenancy storage environments, where partitioning is possible at multiple layers. Support systems for business storage are being used for private as well as public cloud management; whereas network solutions are making remote enablement of sensitive business data and processes feasible. The hardware storage layer, derived from utility and consumer model, is gaining approval from various levels across many industries because of the improved hardware technology, scalability, performance, and bandwidth of storage networks. 

Today, more and more companies are finding and utilizing the value of outsourcing some of their non-core functions to the cloud. In addition to cost savings, flexibility and less complexity, the main benefit is that businesses can focus on revenue-generating activates instead of trying to build and maintain infrastructure. 

Benefits of Cloud Computing Services

Faster Disaster Recovery: It is the duty of the cloud computing service providers to handle various issues and give response faster. According to Aberdeen Group study, the average time to solve complicated issues using cloud services is 2.1 hours. Average time required to solve issues is four times quicker than companies that do not use cloud services. 

Software Updates: IT departments are spending almost half of their time handling on-site security issues. In order to utilize each and every hour in business activities, cloud computing services are recommended. Service providers take the responsibility to maintain server, handle security updates and keep their customers free to do other business related tasks. 

Reduce Cap-Ex: There is no capital expenditures, as cloud computing operates on a "pay-as-you-go" based model. Moreover, businesses pay low project costs and ongoing processing expenses. All cloud related expenses will become operational expenses, giving companies tax advantages.

Accessibility: Employees are given the advantage to use online resources and carry on their projects from anywhere, anytime. As a result, workers can improve their performance and complete task on time. 

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