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Closing the Data Storage Affordability Gap

Posted by Stephanie Aldrich on February 25, 2016

packs-163497_1280.jpgIn the past decade, data volumes have been growing exponentially in every sector. Such growth has forced companies to spend substantial amounts of money, sometimes over their approved budget, to protect and manage the data. As a result, IT admins are searching for a way to effectively narrow the data affordability gap and find storage solutions that are cost effective, simple and optimized. 

Leading cloud vendors, like EVS Corporation, provide their customers with tools that help them with data identification, retirement, optimization and even categorization. One way EVS can maximize data storage is through de-duplication.

Data de-duplication is integrated into EVS' cloud backup process, with de-duplication taking place at two separate levels:

  • The first iteration is initiated at the client level, with an objective to decrease requirements for backup bandwidth and backup windows. 
  • The second level is a process of global de-duplication, which helps to eliminate all the common files in the system. This further decreases data size and leads to narrowing the gap that exists between data volumes and affordability. 

withEVS' agentless online backup solution further reduces the number of arrays, spindles, and upgrades on the controller that are needed to maintain the system integrity over a period of time. As a result, fewer hardware (such as: rackspace, switches, ports and etc.) will be required to operate the system. These are just a few ways EVS tackles the data affordability gap by pro-actively resolving some issues associated with the growing volume of data.

Find out how we can help you affordably handle and protect your company’s data. Contact us for a discussion of your needs, current environment and how we can provide a managed, affordable solution.

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