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Does all data have to fly first class?

Posted by Gayle Rose on August 5, 2011

Does all data have to fly first class? Of course not! But the most critical data should be kept first class, on high quality, highly available equipment built for speed and performance. Other less critical data can ride coach class, on less expensive equipment built for volume and capacity.

Every business today is looking to reduce costs. Understanding the lifecycle of data is part of a cost saving strategy to optimize the use of resources for data storage. Intelligent, multi-tiered storage is about aligning the storage capabilities with the business and application needs.

Electronic Vaulting Services offers a multi-tiered backup storage service which addresses the performance requirements of mission-critical applications, the rapid growth of reference data and the need to control costs. As data flows through the data life cycle, intelligent migration allows data to be stored according to the performance, capacity, and access characteristics necessary to support the business requirements. Ultimately, EVS Intelligent Backup™ provides better storage utilization and a greater cost savings.

IDC research found data growth across all market segments was projected, on average, to increase by 50% per year. As a result, data storage demands are exploding while IT departments are freezing budgets to store and manage it. EVS Intelligent Backup™ can go a long way to address the “do more with less” edict imposed upon IT departments by combining high performance Fibre Channel (FC) drives and lower cost Serial ATA (SATA) disks. Our goal is to reduce cost and complexity, but not at the expense of application performance, data availability or data integrity.

With EVS Intelligent Backup™ you can meet your budget goals and recovery time objectives at a price you can afford. Come fly with us!

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