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Benefits of the Cloud Computing Revolution

Posted by Stephanie Aldrich on March 3, 2016

Cloud_Computing.pngCloud computing can be succinctly described as an on-demand, anywhere, anytime service where customers are provided software and hardware capabilities which can be accessed independent of geographical location or specific device.

Cloud computing has revolutionized the very fundamentals of information technology services. As computers become more powerful with increased computing capability, the amount of data they process and produce has exploded. With this growing volume, the cost of computing, maintenance and storage has become a big part of organizational budgets. As computers migrate into every tenet of an organization’s activities, enterprises are increasingly looking towards cloud computing to increase capacity while minimizing infrastructure and technology cost, human capital and time. Cloud service incurs a recurring fee but no up-front capital expenditure. Plus, their servers are placed in safe geographical locations where electricity and land are cheap allowing for these savings to be passed on to their clients.

Additionally, organizations are realizing that cloud computing provides a marriage between efficiency and mobility of information. Cloud computing ensures access to the information and scalability of the resources. This decreases the need for local servers and hardware paving way for green computing, where the computational assets are used optimally and efficiently.

Cloud computing has enabled organizations to scale up their services on an as-needed basis. Computational power (both hardware and software) can be positioned quickly and dynamically to address the need of the hour. It can provide parallel data processing that can allow for the processing of Terabytes of information for the required period of time. The flexibility that this type of computing provides (to scale up and down computational power) makes it very attractive.

Finally, other benefits include the ability for applications to be deployed in the cloud, increasing users’ ability to access information, applications, etc – regardless of their location or device. It can also provide access to real-time updates and information since everything is centrally stored, updated and accessed.

Cloud computing is the union between convergent infrastructure and shared services. It allows for convenient, secure and customized service based on user’s need. It is a rapidly growing, highly in demand, ubiquitous technology that is becoming increasingly reliable and user friendly.

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