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Virtualization and its Inherent Security Threats

Cloud Computing: A Peek into Datacenter Power Efficiency Management

Cloud Computing Service Models Explained

Mitigating Security Challenges in SaaS

Private, Public Community and Hybrid Clouds Explained

The Benefits and Types of Virtualization

Workflow Management Systems in the Cloud

Save Money by Switching to the Cloud!

Four Enablers of Cloud Computing

Demystifying Cloud Operations

Benefits of the Cloud Computing Revolution

Advantages of Cloud Backup and Storage

Closing the Data Storage Affordability Gap

Four Backup Technologies You Need to Know

Understanding and Meeting Customers’ Cloud Service Wish List

Mitigating the Risk of DDoS Attacks

Making the Case for Cloud Backup and Data Storage Budget

How Worried is Your Database Administrator?

Electronic Discovery and Legal Mandates on Stored Data

Understanding Cloud Service Level Agreements

Does Public Cloud Storage Meet Your Needs for Data Recovery?

Preparing for Winter Weather

Benefits of Consolidated Data Centers

Common Data Related Mistakes and How To Avoid Them - Part II

Common Data Related Mistakes and How To Avoid Them - Part I

Disaster Recovery Testing is Essential for Business Continuity

Data Breaches and Security Incidents

Intentional and Unintentional Data Leakage

To Great Beginnings

Common Myths about On-Premises Versus Cloud Deployment

Wishing You a Wonderful Holiday

Open File Backup - Part II

Open File Backup - Part I

The Need for a Strong Authentication - Simple Password is Not Enough

What is Encryption and How Does it Work?

Effective Disaster Recovery Planning and Strategic Testing

What are Structured and Unstructured Data?

Advantages of Cloud Backup Management Consoles

Holiday Greetings

Data Protection When a Business Merges or Closes

Cloud Computing Services Improve Business Performance

Similarities and Differences in Source and Target De-Duplication

Restoring Data in Same, Similar or New Hardware Environments

The Consequences of Not Backing Up Laptops

HIPAA Privacy Rule for the Safety of Sensitive Personal Health Information

Tiering: Cost Effective Way for Data Storage

Effective Communication Plans for Business Continuity

Migrate to Microsoft Office 365 with Gant Systems

Happy Labor Day!

EVS Intelligent, Powered by Asigra Wins TechTarget's Quality Award

Understand Encryption to Ensure Safe Online Data Backups

Data Protection Beyond the Firewall [New eBook]

Tape vs. Cloud Backup

How to Maximize Satisfaction with Your Data Backup Service

TechTarget Article Feat. Gayle Rose: Women Leaders in IT

Common Misconceptions About Disaster Recovery

6 Ways Secure Data Backup Helps Manage Risk Exposure

How to Choose a Backup Service Provider

6 Security Best Practices for Your BYOD Policy

What Is The Cloud?

Local, Cloud, or Hybrid - What's the Best Backup Option?

6 Questions to Ask When Creating a Disaster Recovery Plan

4 Key Elements of Data Backup and Recovery

Happy Independence Day!

The 5 A’s of Having a Cloud Backup Strategy

Data Backup in the Age of Ransomware

6 Common Mistakes Companies Make in a Business Impact Analysis (BIA

What is the Role of Metadata in a Disaster Recovery Plan?

Why are SMBs Spending More on Data Backup?

5 Steps to Developing a Simple Disaster Recovery Plan

Top Technology Concerns for Community Banks [Infographic]

Why Simple Disaster Recovery Plan Testing is Crucial

Be Prepared for Spring Weather

EVS On-Demand Webinar: View the Recording

EVS Corporation: Registration Now Open

EVS Corporation Receives Award for Excellence

A Letter From the CEO - Industry Trends: Data Backup in 2014

"Heartbleed Bug" Encryption Flaw

10-Point Disaster Recovery Planning Checklist

Disaster Recovery Starts With Disaster Preparedness

World Backup Day: March 31

Ring Container Technologies Automates Nightly Backup

Announcing: New Flexible, Predicatable, Profitable Partner Programs

U.S. Shivers in Damaging Historic Freeze - Tests Disaster Recovery Plans

Data Disasters Happen Every Day—Is Your Data Protected?

Putting Your Data Backups on a Diet

Backup to Tape—Why Risk It?

Does all data have to fly first class?

Save Money Using a Managed Service Provider for Data Storage

Divide and Conquer—Adding a Small-Scale Data Storage Platform

Need a New Data Storage Platform? Avoid These Common Pitfalls

Adding On to Your Existing Data Storage Platform

Cloud Storage Budgeting First Steps

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