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Advantages of Cloud Backup Management Consoles

Posted by Stephanie Aldrich on December 1, 2015

management-console-large.pngCloud computing and cloud backup services are burgeoning all around the world. More and more enterprises are using these services to get their data backed up off-site and also set up disaster recovery protocols to guard against possible loss of business. However, can all these mushrooming data centers be easily administered? What kind of administrative control do you have over the data that you store online? Enterprises need to examine the administrative settings that are being implemented by the cloud backup service provider.

A review of the features offered by different cloud backup service providers indicate that these providers are very conscious of the administrative needs of their clients. Most service providers require you to download a small program component on to the local machine for administering purposes. The management console window, that opens, is tabbed or contains a menu that enables the administrator navigate to different windows and administrative settings.

Management consoles present an integrated view of all enterprise activities on the backed up data. The dashboard provides a quick view of the activities at a high level. Each tabbed page shows a detailed report on the specific activity. Normally, a short period history of the data and backup status of the on-premise and off-premise data is visible. Managers can use this screen to drill down into the status of the backup and investigate the reasons why a specific backup failed or whether there were any glitches in the backup system.

Using the management console, administrators can create user domains, user permissions within the enterprise. They can create several levels of users, giving some users all permissions and some user specific permissions. The workgroup structure can thus be clearly defined and can be accessed and managed from a single central console, installed on the administrators system.

If an enterprise has different administrators for different activities, the super administrator can give certain admin permissions to the other administrators. The administrators can be located in the same building, a different building or in a geographically dispersed locations.

Management consoles allow administrators manage both the server and the workstations that are linked up to the backup systems for upload or download of data from the central repository. Management consoles also provide visibility of backup operations and identify issues that need immediate attention. They help administrators alleviate bottlenecks and create backup schedules that kick-start when the systems are idle or after work hours. These consoles have several automation options that can reduce the burden of constant monitoring. The environment can also provide access to reports in real time and help administrators collect historical data for trend analysis, forecasting and trouble shooting operations.

Advantages of Management Consoles:

  • Help improve efficiency;
  • Reduce risk of downtime;
  • Reduce operational costs;
  • Allow administrators to view data history;
  • Come pre-packaged with your online backup subscription;
  • Obtain metrics that are relevant for growth and capacity usage.

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