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Advantages of Cloud Backup and Storage

Posted by Stephanie Aldrich on March 1, 2016

data backup.pngData backup is crucial – especially since data is becoming a critical component of business success. Technology for data backup, storage, encryption and recovery is rapidly changing to keep up with the explosion of data. Globally, more organizations are turning to cloud storage services to store their data. If you or your organization is considering using cloud services for data backup and storage, here are some reasons why it would be useful to backup data in the cloud:

First, data in the cloud is secure and backed up in an offsite location. Should there be a local disaster – such as an earthquake, fire or a flood – which cause local servers to fail, you can be assured that the data is secure and recoverable. These state of the art facilities are constantly updated with the latest technology and monitored by a team of experts. Vendors operate multiple sites and redundantly backup data by replication and mirroring, using server clustering technologies to protect the data in case of primary server failure.

Secondly, there is low risk of loss of data, as cloud based servers are constantly monitored by the latest firewalls and a multitude of anti virus software. The data itself is encrypted and transmitted using complex algorithms and stored in an encrypted format. Only verified users with secure authentication have the right to use the data. The logins are tracked at all times, so should there be any unusual activity, the company will be immediately notified.

Thirdly, the ease of data recovery and access to the latest technology are compelling reasons to store data in the cloud. The encrypted data can be decoded and recovered with ease and with a click of a button. It might be too expensive to license all the necessary software to maintain your own infrastructure and cloud servers, and store your data securely, especially since technology in this area is rapidly changing. Outsourcing the data storage can significantly reduce this cost and provide users with the most up-to-date technology.

Finally, it can be simple to budget for your cloud backup and storage expenses, as there is a complete transparency in the costs involved. It is inexpensive and affordable. Expenses like real estate, environmental or equipment are no longer a consideration. The expense of maintaining an IT department is negated. Constant training and updating of the IT team with the latest technology is no longer a necessary. In addition, service providers will provide latest technology, troubleshooting services by experts, as well as recovery and disaster management as a package for a reasonable fee.

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