EVS Resilience™ powered by Agility

Is your company covered in the case of a disaster? If your physical office space was destroyed, how would you continue running your business? How could your employees do their jobs if they didn't have access to computers and internet connections?

EVS has recognized the need for a comprehensive disaster recovery solution. That’s the beauty of EVS Resilience™ powered by Agility. Our partner, Agility Recovery, has taken the same product, service and solution that was once only available to Fortune 500 businesses and made it accessible and affordable for every business. The benefits are clear:

Immediate Protection: The day you become a member of EVS Resilience™, your business is covered in the case of a disaster.

Recovery: If you have a disaster, we will provide you with the critical elements needed to keep your business in business: Power, Office Space, Communications for Telephone and Internet, and Computer Systems.

Ease of Use: Nothing could be easier to use than myAgility, our online planning portal. Create a plan on your timeline, not ours.

24-Hour Hotline: Our recovery specialists are available whenever you need us: 24 hours a day. 7 days a week.

Affordable: EVS will bill you a small monthly fee to help prepare, refine and scale our resources. If you have a disaster, we will bill you our out-of-pocket expenses. We do not profit from your disaster.

Proven Success: In the 23 years that Agility has been in business, they have rescued 1000’s of businesses and never failed.

When you trust your business to us, you get peace of mind, and the following essentials in the case of a disaster:

Space: Office space with desks and chairs for your entire team
Power: An emergency generator for your portable office
Communication: Telephone and internet access
Technology: Computers, servers, tape drives, printers, and fax machines