Backup Life Cycle Management

The Life Cycle of Data and Why it Matters

The value of data changes over time. Traditional tape-based solutions value all data as equal with no distinction between mission critical and older retention data.

EVS Intelligent Backup™ organizes data across multiple storage platforms based upon performance needs, frequency of use, amount of protection required, and other organizational concerns.

Managing Backup with Storage Tiers

Simply put, mission critical data is stored on a high performance disk (Primary Storage Tier) for fast recovery. Older retention data is stored on a lower cost, capacity driven disk (Secondary Storage Tier).

Custom Rules.

As part of the daily backup process, our integrated rules-based engine evaluates and directs data to the appropriate storage tier. The rules are highly flexible and customizable to your environment. Rules can be easily modified over time to manage costs and update recovery objectives.


Matching storage price/performance to recovery time objectives offers a straightforward value proposition. Placing low-value data on low-cost disk drives and mission-critical data on high-speed, high-availability drives makes financial sense.

Our tiered storage strategy works to decrease operating expenses, increase revenues, and manage corporate risk by distinguishing between the performance requirements of mission-critical applications, the rapid growth of reference data, and volumes of long-term archive data.

Each gigabyte of non-mission critical data moved from primary to secondary storage represents a price point discount of up to 70%.